Qanbridge is established by Tjerk Gorter in 2005 as a launching platform for innovators that make a difference.

Since its start, it has launched 5 new companies, each with its own specific contribution to industry and society. Two provide high-tech, unique solutions for food creation and handling: a robotics firm and an ingredient producer for medical and clinical nutrition. Two provide top class analysis and methodologies for business development and innovation beyond the obvious. One has developed a whole new technical concept to building revitalization.

As of 2016, Qanbridge will intensify its role of bringing together the entrepreneurs that really move our society and industry forward by the creation and realization of new companies and with those new solutions that make a difference.

Sheer passion for innovation

Creating excellence comes from the core. It is a mixture of drive for growth, creation and quality. Either you love to innovate, to build, to create a great new concept or you are unlikely to come up with powerful ideas. Either you love to put in all the energy, creativity and discipline to open new avenues for your company or you will not deliver powerful innovations. In fact we can add competitiveness… The unstoppable desire to beat the competition is also a powerful motivator.

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Industrial, real-life training ground

Many theories about strategy have been developed with the benefit of hindsight and an army of students to work out great case studies. The real arena for developing insights and skills in strategy development, innovation management and technology management is the world of companies facing serious challenges, companies that are on a burning platform.

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Research shows that 75% of companies spend a lot of money, time and effort in defending or building markets they should not be in the first place. Imagine the effect on your company.

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Innovation is the only way to constantly gain customer preference by offering better value than your competitors. It is the only way to have a smarter, lower cost delivery system that combines superior offerings with a lean and mean value chain.

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How is your R&D organisation set up? What did you define as the key processes in technology management? Is your company effective in using regional, national and international innovation and technology programmes?

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Innovation programs

Co-operative research programs have become very important in the world of technological innovation. Co-operations that are vital to develop technologies or new solutions at sufficient speed whilst keeping investments and risk at an acceptable level. Now innovation programs much closer to applications in the real world are crucial to crack some of the challenges companies and society are dealing with.

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Interview about the horticulture development and Greenports in The Netherlands.

Space 53

SPACE53 is the development, testing and real-life simulation environment for unmanned systems, located at the former military airbase Twente Airport. A key company operating in SPACE53 is State-of-Motion, the first company in Europe that provides turn-key solutions for private and public organisations in creating new products, services and processes through the use of drones.

Talent landing place

The talent landing place is the temporary stage for people and companies that realise outstanding innovations.  Vision, talent and guts blended into innovations that work. Innovations that will make the world a better place. Innovations that will create profitable companies.

Spotlight on impressive innovators


Visiting address:Wehmestraat 5, 7221 BT Steenderen, The Netherlands