Philips Electronics (1986 - 1991)

International research consortia, technology and innovation management (1986 - 1991). Key areas: Philips participation in the European pre-competitive research programmes (e.g. ESPRIT, RACE, BRITE,..), innovation management and strategic management of technology.

Chief Technology Officer Friesland Foods (1999 - 2005)

Global responsibility for innovation programming, innovation execution, corporate research, technology management, technology alliances and business intelligence.

Partner Rijnconsult  (1992 - 1999)

Chairman of the Industry and Technology group. Main focus company strategy for multinationals (corporate and business unit), innovation and technology management.

Owner and Business Architect at Qanbridge (2005 - now)

Qanbridge design and implement new business architecture for companies (multinationals and technology innovators) and programmes for joint industrial consortia for business creation, innovation and technology development. Examples are:
1. Food and Nutrition Delta, the Dutch/European national food R&D programme across industry (multinationals and SME), knowledge institutes, universities. One of the results is the leading Dutch Food and Nutrition research centre, TIFN.
2. Separation Technology (Dutch Separation Technology Institute): the Dutch/European innovation and technology programme on separation technologies across Bulk Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Water, Food and Pharma. Participants multinationals, SMEs, contract research organisations and universities; (later integrated in ISPT)
3. Institute for Sustainable Process Technology: the innovation programme and Dutch/European institute for integrated, sustainable process operations for a broad range of industry domains, with its headquarters in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
4. M2I, the Dutch high-tech materials innovation and application programme, headquarters in Delft, The Netherlands.
5. Design of the strategy, architecture, business investment case and operational plan for the new generation networked agile manufacturing in Europe (Fraunhofer, European industrial companies and universities).

Founder and Director of FreshTeq (2015 – now)

FreshTeq is the new Dutch/European cooperation for the development, implementation and initial operation of the next generation of industrial fresh food production chains from seed to eat, including sustainable solutions for energy, waste and water. First target region is China. Headquarters in Steenderen, The Netherlands and Shanghai, China.