Research shows that 75% of companies spend a lot of money, time and effort in defending or building markets
they should not be in in the first place. Imagine the effect on your company.

How fundamentally different is your company?

How fundamentally different is your company in customer/consumer offerings from your top 3 competitors? In your role in the industry chain? In your business model? In your delivery systems? In your partnerships with local players?

Smart strategy definition is one thing. Executing that strategy with power and determination is quite another. Actually only 5% of companies achieve that. A strategy is not a report, it is a focused company in full motion, gaining momentum every month.

Why and how does your company get absolute customer preference?

Business strategy is clearly much more than business analysis. Creating a profitable, differentiated positioning requires the drive to look at the world with new glasses, the motivation to understand it better, deeper than anyone else. It takes the ability and determination to create new solutions for real (unspoken) needs at an ever higher level of professional business development and innovation. It requires the joy and ability to shape and tune top quality teams.

Strategy definition is a systematic art. It combines facts and figures, analysis beyond the obvious and the guts to look with great creativity at customers, partners, technologies, crafting surprising new value propositions.

How can we help?

Tjerk Gorter has been in strategy development for 25 years as CTO, as entrepreneur and as consultant for technology driven companies. Over the years he has crafted an approach as well as a set of methods and tools on basis of the learnings from each and every project. 

Qanbridge can help you customise a strategy development roadmap for your company and structure and guide your strategy development project. In addition, Qanbridge brings in a vast array of insights in industry dynamics and technological innovation built up over the years as well as a broad network of industry, technology institutes and experts.