Innovation programmes

Co-operative research programmes have become very important in the world of technological innovation. Co-operations that are vital to develop technologies or new solutions at sufficient speed whilst keeping investments and risk at an acceptable level. Now innovation programmes much closer to applications in the real world are crucial to crack some of the challenges companies and society are dealing with.

Pre-competitive research is one thing, building an effective innovation programme close to the market is quite another. It requires a whole set of new skills for many companies: the willingness to join programmes where traditional competitors are also involved, the ability to build solid consortia, the ability to jointly execute complex development projects....

Feeding the world with healthy, sustainably produced food, solving the issue of scarce materials, speeding up energy transition, solving an heritage of lack-lustre waste management, getting a hold on terrorism and cyber-crime... Only combining the best minds and technologies across organisations will bring real progress here.

How can we help?

Qanbridge has initiated, built and managed several large and smaller scale joint R&D, innovation and business development programmes. It can support international, national and regional players in defining the strategic positioning of the joint initiative, the business and technology architecture, the underlying business model, the governance structure, the funding model and other building blocks of the innovation programme.  

Qanbridge is usually involved in hands-on shaping of the cooperation between the partners to create the right conditions for lasting cooperation and for speeding up the development of the programme. This goes for the cooperation between the industry and technology partners in the chain as well as for the cooperation between industry, knowledge institutes and government.