Normal... or is it?

A sharp turn

The coming twenty years will be marked by drastic changes in key pillars of society, in every country on earth. Areas such as health management, fresh food production, agile manufacturing, water and energy provision must not be innovated but reinvented. Drivers for change are hard constraints set by factors like environmental impact of current manufacturing, material availability, public health (cost) and well-being.

Breaking the paralysis of complexity

The transition to new solutions is slowed down due to two kinds of complexity: the complexity of the realisation of new integrated system solutions and the complexity of the interaction between the stakeholders involved. Qanbridge’s mission is to accelerate transition by simultaneously addressing the complexity of the new integrated technological systems and the complex web of stakeholders involved.

Current architectures in manufacturing, fresh food production, health care and other areas key to healthy societies are unfit to face today's and tomorrow's challenges. The current patchworks of solutions must be replaced by smart, integrated systems.