Several main pillars of society must be reinvented as they do not meet modern requirements and/or possibilities with respect to environmental effects, cost, health, well-being and other key criteria for a responsible and dignified society. Programmes are being set in motion for, for instance, the transition to circular, agile manufacturing, the transition to integrated preventive health management, the transition to sustainable industrial fresh food chains. The demands on these new pillars are such that they can only be met through the combination of breakthrough technological solutions and smart, coherent new system solutions.  Integrated health systems with the customer at its centre, fresh food chains from seed to eat, manufacturing chains, smart energy systems and similar. From patchworks of solutions to integrated architectures. This requires specific skills of design and integration, both for the functional targets and the human collaboration challenges.

Integrated industrial fresh food chains

Integrated infrastructure solutions


Framework for integrated personal health management


Transition framework for next generation manufacturing