Technology management has two main blocks
The Strategic management of Technology, i.e. the definition of the required technology portfolio of a company in the light of its business strategy
2. Operational management of Technology, i.e. the way to develop of these technologies through internal, joint and external R&D projects.

How do you programme your R&D portfolio? What do you develop? What do you buy, license-in? Do you have the best technology partners you can get? Do you manage them well? What did you define as the key processes in technology management? Smart technology development takes effort, but has a high reward.

Any company needs to have a clear view on the strategic impact of each of the technologies it develops and employs. One angle is the impact of your technologies on the functionalities that set your products apart in your (future) markets. Another is to define which technologies the company must own and (co-)develop further as its key technologies, which ones it can buy.

How can we help?

Qanbridge has vast experience in both the strategic management of technology and the operational management of technology. 

It will support your company or technology institute from technology strategy and definition of your technology architecture all the way to the definition of your R&D portfolio and cooperation with technology partners.