The benefits of innovation

Innovation is the only way to constantly gain customer preference by offering better value than your competitors. It is the only way to have a smarter, lower cost delivery system that combines superior offerings with a lean and mean value chain.

Innovation is a diamond with many facets. Renewed products and services, renewed delivery processes, changed customer beliefs, new business models, new partnerships, new underlying technologies... A wide set of handles to craft your future. Which facets have the highest impact on your company's performance?

Focused renewal

Innovation has little to do with "brainstorming and innovation funnels". It has everything to do with focused renewal to conquer targeted market segments, with application of powerful methods like, for instance, Voice-of-the-Customer, Voice-of-the-Stakeholder, modern QFD, with effective multi-disciplinary teams, with dovetailing marketing and R&D, smart resource leveraging and core-end product approaches.

Companies are strengthened both through the actual innovations (content) and from turning the organisation into a highly effective "innovation engine”, smartly using internal and external resources.

How can we help?

Effective, fast innovation requires the combination of a well-structured, professional approach and creativity. First step is to determine the key areas for innovation: products, processes, business model, profit model, customer beliefs, market attack.. Innovation cannot be done from the hip, it requires a well- defined methodology, with smart tooling for each step. 

Qanbridge can help to develop and implement a sound innovation management framework for your company as well as provide support in innovation projects, setting up consortia and partnerships.